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The Lost Gold Mine

Basin, Montana

Around the turn of the century, a prospector/miner named Al Jenkins while prospecting on the outskirts of Basin, Montana dug out a shallow tunnel and came upon a fantastically rich gold vein. Knowing that he had truly found a bonanza, he began to worry about what might be in the small print of the contract he signed with the banker who loaned him the money for his grubstake. He decided to go to Butte, Montana and ask the banker what was in the contract before he told anybody about his find. He was not happy with what the banker told him, so he kept his secret and returned to Basin. Fearing that if he continued to work the claim the banker might find out he struck it rich, he decided to leave the area for a few years, then come back and stake a new claim. Rather then take a chance on someone stumbling on his diggings while he was gone, he collapsed the tunnel and made every effort to hide his mining activities before he left the area. Before he could make it back to work the mine, he became very ill, and told his story to a friend while on his deathbed.

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